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Terms and Conditions

This contract was made and intended to be effective by all parties that choose to ship with Innovative Carriers.


1. Broker. Innovative Carriers shall be limited to arranging for, but not actually performing, transportation of customer’s freight. Innovative Carriers will arrange for the transportation of customer’s freight with motor carrier that are authorized to transport such freight pursuant to applicable regulations. Such motor carriers are independent contractors, have exclusive control over their drivers and employees, and are not agents, employees or authorized representatives of Innovative Carriers.


2. Cargo Insurance. At no time will carriers’ liability for cargo loss or damage be higher than its insurance limit. Liability insurance is only applicable if receiver signs the proof of delivery for the damage or loss at time of delivery. This applies to all shipments. If shipment is quoted and shipped as loose cartons, customer will only be able to claim for loss of cartons if both shipper and receiver sign for carton count. If shipment was quoted, shipped and signed for as pallets we cannot claim for individual boxes, unless sufficient evidence of tampered pallets or missing boxes is provided. If container is sealed at time of pickup and seal is intact at delivery, no claim will be honored. Freight charges will need to be paid prior to any claim being processed. All claims will be processed by Innovative Carriers with the carrier that hauled the freight and will be processed by carrier according to the carrier’s rules and regulations. Innovative Carriers’ liability, including negligence, is limited to the sum of $50.00 per shipment, unless a greater valuation shall be agreed in writing prior to shipping. Innovative Carriers offers additional cargo coverage for an additional fee, which must be agreed to, prior to freight being shipped.

  1. For Amazon shipments, it is very important that the correct carton count and weight are listed on the bol. Amazon can deny loss and damage claims if the weight received differs from that listed on the bol. 
  2. Innovative Carriers is not responsible for any vendor claims denied by your fulfillment center.
  3.  Innovative Carriers only honors approved claims from the carrier that hauled the freight or through an additional cargo insurance policy purchased through Innovative Carriers prior to shipping.
  4. The Shipper is responsible to palletize and secure the freight properly. This helps prevent damage. insurance may deny claims if it is determined to be negligence on the shippers or receivers' end
  5. All charges for the shipment must be paid in full prior to launching an investigation or filinlg a claim.


3. Rate. The price for each shipment is based on the information received from the customer prior to shipping. The email confirmation from the customer confirming the quote and booking serves as a legal contract.

  1. All rates are quoted as business to business and dock to dock unless customer provides accessorials and/or Innovative specifies otherwise when providing the rate.

  2. LTL rates are based on the weight, dimensions and the way your item is classified. If this information changes, so will the rate.

  3. The rate and service option is only valid if the Innovative bill of lading is used at pickup.

  4. Be advised that rates fluctuate daily. A quote is always based on the daily capacity and may change. Innovative Carriers reserves the right to revise the rate accordingly.

  5. A full 53’ trailer can haul up to 40,000 lbs in the US. Your shipper can determine the total pallet count they can fit on a 53’ trailer.

  6. Innovative Carriers reserves the right to add accessorial charges to each shipment if applicable.
      That includes, but is not limited to:
      • Detention (at pickup and/or delivery)
      • Reweigh Fee
      • Reclass Fee
      • Lumper fee
      • Liftgate Fee
      • Residential Fee
      • Appointment Fee

  7. There are cases where the delivering carrier advises while shipment is in transit that they do not service a specific delivery location. We then need to get a different carrier for the final delivery. Although we try to be very careful and do everything in our power to avoid such circumstances, the customer is responsible for any additional fees to get the shipment to the final delivery location.


4. Delay. Innovative Carriers shall not be responsible for shipping delay, or for any monetary damages incurred due to delay, unless agreed to in writing between the parties prior to shipment tender.


  1. Innovative Carrier will not discount freight charges for a ltl shipment that does not deliver on MABD.
  2. If shipment is rated and booked by Innovative Carriers as a Guaranteed shipment, and delivers later than the agreed date, freight charges will be adjusted according to the delivering carrier’s rules and regulations.
  3. Guaranteed transit only goes into effect after pickup. The day of the pickup is not included in the transit days.
  4. Shipments picked up after 5pm are considered picked up the following day.
  5. Guaranteed delivery is by 5pm. If you need your delivery earlier, please inquire. An additional critical charge will apply.
  6. A delivery appt trumps the guarantee.
  7. If a carrier advises during transit that they do not service the delivering location, the guaranteed delivery is trumped.


5. Chargebacks. Innovative Carriers is not responsible for any charges/chargeback from your shipper/receiver that incur during a pickup/delivery.

    That includes, but is not limited to:
    • Late delivery fee
    • Paperwork issue fee
    • No show fee
    • Pallet Loading fee


Please click here for our complete Chargeback Policy


6. Payment. The customer is responsible for paying freight charges within the terms agreed. 

Innovative Carriers reserves the right to collect in a legal fashion any unpaid invoices. 

By shipping with Innovative Carriers, the customer hereby agrees to the above terms and conditions.