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Case Studies

JT Imports, Inc.

Client: Import/Export Company
Category: Textiles & Housewares
Annual Client Revenue: $50,000,000
Services: Freight Trucking / Logistics

The Challenge - Our client, a large import/export company was having trouble keeping up with distributing seasonal demands. Retailers would place last minute orders and expect client to offer the same competitive shipping rates. This means, they were losing profit from absorbing high rates for last minute shipping.

The Expected Outcome - During the largest holiday season, client needed to keep shipping rates as low as possible, otherwise, their clients threatened to choose another vendor. We promised to do our best and hoped we would be able to meet the demands.

The Innovative Solution - We could have simply offered the first available shipper but due to the cost pressure, we expertly coordinated the logistics to ensure the lowest pricing available.

The Result - Innovative delivered, as always. We were able to negotiate the lowest shipping rates possible by coordinating a logistical plan, and client's contracts going forward remained. We also guided the client to future seasonal shipment planning to help them avoid high rates and cancelled dates.

How We Did It - Using our comprehensive network, we expertly planned out a route that would be most cost-effective for our client, by not focusing on our profit yield. Our clients benefit from our expertise guided by our customer-focused approach.

MRM Furniture Designs

Client: Custom Furniture Designer
Category: Commercial Design Firms
Annual Client Revenue: $17,000,000
Services: LTL Trucking

The Challenge - A boutique custom furniture designer was losing profits due to high shipping costs of individual custom orders. Each piece was made to order and the timeline for shipping deliveries would vary based on which carrier was chosen. One design firm customer had grown impatient with the inconsistent shipping schedule and and demanded a clear schedule of delivery with reduced rates.

The Expected Outcome - All the client expected from us was a more cost-effective shipment schedule. This would reduce costs but not necessarily deliver the smooth delivery our client and their customers were seeking.

The Innovative Solution - We wanted them to experience a dramatically improved process. We quoted competitive rates based on ongoing shipment volume and guided client with efficient planning strategies. Then we skillfully planned out a complex LTL schedule for each and every shipment and tracked the shipments as they were delivered to ensure consistent, on time delivery.

The Result - The client couldn't believe there was a shipping company ready to help figure out a strategy for the company's unique needs. Once we implemented the new strategy, designers started receiving faster shipments with consistent timing and shipping frustrations were greatly reduced for the client.

How We Did It - Combining our expert industry knowledge and established career connections we helped the client with an integral part of the business.

Z. Tile Manufacturer

Client: Tile Manufacturer
Category: Kitchen & Bath
Annual Client Revenue: $100,000,000
Services: Drayage / Rail & Intermodal

The Challenge - A tile manufacturer was unhappy with how major carriers were handing their delicate products. Coming from overseas a substantial part of each shipment would arrive damaged and deemed unusable. With each shipment, client was losing reliability for the quality of their goods.

The Expected Outcome - We took on the challenge and determined the best carriers for transporting the client's goods based on their needs. But it didn't end there.

The Innovative Solution - We began transporting client's delicate items to vendors with the understanding of the nature of their shipments and individual needs. By using reliable carriers who implemented proper handling methods, damages were significantly minimized. However, not only did we oversee each shipment, we determined if there were any damages post-shipment and ensured necessary actions were taken.

The Result - The company was amazed at our attention to detail and customer-focused approach. This greatly minimized their losses and helped them regain trust with their vendors.

How We Did It - Placing an emphasis on client satisfaction, we chose the carrier we knew would handle products properly and implement damage-free protocol.